QUIO Sharehouse

Introducing QUIO Sharehouse. QUIO Sharehouse is the only place where teachers can share ready-to-use Learning Maps based on curricula and grade level.

Learning maps, comprised of learning standards and descriptions of student performance, provide a meaningful way to help your students achieve their goals and to provide you with descriptive, accurate, and powerful language to report with. Learning Maps encourage your students by highlighting their strengths and also provide a clear view of their learning journey. Learning Maps can be shared with colleagues, administrators, and parents.

Once a Learning Map is downloaded to your account, it can be modified and shared with colleagues in your school and district. QUIO Sharehouse encompasses the breadth and depth of various teaching styles and pedagogy. Discover Learning Maps that feature inquiry-based learning, STEM programs, Aboriginal Understandings, subject-specific big ideas, and more!

Submit your own Learning Map to QUIO Sharehouse, and share your big ideas!

Visit QUIO Sharehouse at sharehouse.quio.ca